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Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here Problem Solution

This warning “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” appears when you attempt to copy business data or content from Outlook or other restrict applications. The ability to reconstruct information once it has been used often disappears once the information has been put to use. It can easily be fix by re-cutting and pasting the text. Using the keyboard commands Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, you can copy and paste.

If you try to cut and paste certain business data into an application, you can get a warning. Both fixed-based computers and mobile phones are vulnerable. If an error is encounter, the offending program should be closed and the device reboot before checking for it. Follow these troubleshooting procedures if you haven’t made any recent adjustments.

What is the ‘Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” error?

If you’ve ever try to transfer data from Outlook to another program and fallen into this issue, you’re not alone. This usually occurs when a user pastes copy text into an unsupport program. In most cases, this is due to Microsoft’s Intune Policy, which was design to stop the distribution of illegal copies of data online.

For Android users, this can be remedied by long-tapping the desire location on the screen, follow by a press on the “Paste” option. Your text must be easily copy and paste in its entirety. Google Keyboard displays the error “Your data cannot be enter here” if you try to enter information. This is typically just Gboard making a suggestion.

Where does it occur, and why?

Microsoft Intune Policy Management prevents or severely restricts users from exporting any company data from Outlook.

The error will prevent you from cutting and pasting the content into the require application. In order to replicate this, the Intune policy that forbids copying and pasting in unofficial apps must be modify.

If you’re using Microsoft Intune on a Mac or Windows PC to restrict cut, copy, and paste, you’ll need to adjust the policy to allow it on some of the other applications on the device.

Microsoft Intune Policy and how Outlook is involve:

Microsoft Intune Policy prevents you from performing copy/paste/cut/paste in Outlook in the following scenarios.

Intune Blocked

If you check this box, your device won’t be able to use the OS’s built-in copy/paste functions to move data between Intune apps and other programs. This track is dub “Intune Blocked.”

Policy Managed Applications

If you select this option, you’ll be able to copy and paste between this app and any others on your smartphone that adhere to your device’s policy.

Policy Managed with Paste in

Previously, users were unable to copy and paste data between this app and other apps regulated by the same policy, but now they can.

Any Apps

Copying and pasting text is unrestricted between applications.

The Intune app can prevent users from doing any of these things to the Outlook client. Some Microsoft Outlook users are fond of snapping photos of their inboxes.

Once the device has been register with the company’s Intune policy, we, as end customers, have very little say over this. That’s why, when you first start using Office services like Outlook and OneDrive with your company email address and password, your employer undoubtedly inform you of this policy. This would have been done to prevent sensitive information from leaking out of the company.

We’ll teach you in the next section how to rectify the “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error.

Step-by-step fix using the reconfiguration of Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook

Let’s imagine this issue is occurring on your computer. The error message you get in Windows 11 or Windows 10 can be fix in a few different ways (PC or laptop).

Make changes to the app protection policy use by Microsoft Intune

When working with data store in Microsoft Intune, you may encounter difficulties when attempting to copy and paste.

  • The Microsoft Intune administration portal is one such example.
  • Using the menu on the user’s left, they can navigate to their clients.
  • App protection policies can be found under the Client apps subheading.
  • Simply click the “Create Policy” link whenever you need to make a new policy. You can also modify an already-existing policy if you choose. Click on the relevant policy afterward.
  • Additional context, such as the underlying infrastructure, may be require to develop novel policies.
  • This choice can be found in the Settings section. After then, it should be under the “Data Protection” subsection in the “Data Transfer” part of the main menu.
  • Limit copy/paste by making the appropriate adjustments to the policy under the “Data Transfer” tab.
  • If you want to keep the policy, click “OK.”

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to move data from one app to another. It all comes down to the policy’s configuration settings and whether or not you have the option to make such changes. If an administrator wants to create a new Microsoft Intune policy, they must delegate the authority to do so. Make sure you’re running the newest version of the software if the issue persists.

Perform manual updates of the Office suite

There is a manual upgrade process you can use to fix your version of Office. Since you’re not running a support OS, your device won’t work. If you manually upgrade Office, this choice will be remove. To complete the task, you’ll need access to both an iOS or Android mobile device and a Windows 11/10 computer.

Make the necessary changes, and then save the document

Make the necessary edits in a new file and the problem will be fix. For demonstration purposes, let’s say you want to make a new Excel file. Cells can be filled out in the same color as the text in one of the cells if that’s your preference. After you’re finished, please use the back button. Select “Yes” when prompted to save the document.

Please review the newly-saved document. You can use it to check if copying and pasting your business details will work. If the problem still occurs, save your game. Hold off for 30 seconds after the program has been closed. It is recommended that you attempt to copy and paste your data into the damaged file.

When one of your Office programs stops working, you might try copying the necessary data into another Office product to see if it helps. Move, say, some facts from Word to Outlook. Verifying the precision of the paste is the next stage.

For Android

The “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” problem can be avoided by utilizing a long press on an Android device. Select “Paste” from the menu that displays. All on-screen text is inaccessible to copy and paste.

A warning that reads “Your data cannot be input here” may appear when you try to enter information using Google Keyboard. Commonly, this is just Gboard offering a suggestion. Simply holding your finger on the screen for an extended period of time will fix the data issue.

This issue develops due to Microsoft Intune Policy Management’s (MIPM) deployment of an innovative security approach that forbids users from duplicating data. When the app in question isn’t known to Microsoft Intune Policy, an error will appear.

Even while sending data to a trustworthy app, the error could manifest. It’s possible that an older version of Outlook or Office is install on your computer.

Why does your company not permit you to use any work-relate material on the website?

Customers who subscribe to Microsoft 365 Business will have WIP enable by default. Since this realization, the line between “personal” and “business” data has been drawn. By “corporate data,” most people mean data collect by “corporate” software like Microsoft Office. PDFs, data from network shares, and local files are all examples of non-public information.

It’s possible that Android and iOS are the source of the “your organization’s data cannot be paste here” alert (iPhone and iPad). Because of this, Outlook includes a safeguard to stop malicious code from accessing data. There is always a warning that appears when you try to export information from Microsoft Outlook.

If the information appears to belong to your firm, Microsoft Intune Policy Management will let the app’s setup alter certain parameters. Therefore, the Microsoft program’s copy/paste/cut functionalities can only be use by approve programs. There is no way to solve the issue without doing all of these measures.


This was the solution for “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” problem. There is no longer any need for you to worry about this error notice. In the event of a mistake, all that is require is a few simple edits, a save, and a close. Make a copy of your data, and then reopen the document to paste it in. Just tap the “Paste” button on your device’s interface. When you do that, a menu of possible pastes will appear. If the problem continues, contact the server administrator.

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