17 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps For Android And iOS

Want the best free Instagram followers apps? Find the best app for real-time follower growth and improve your Instagram game by reading the guide. You must work hard to make links and get fans on a big social network like Instagram. Several apps can help you quickly get likes and friends on Instagram. The usual Instagram app does not provide any methods to boost followers, but there are a few specialized and free follower apps that can help. With these top social media tools, gain Free Followers on Instagram and manage them easily. Even though there are a lot of apps out there, only a few can meet users’ needs and are safe to use. Check out the list of the best free Instagram followers apps below to get more people to follow you.

17 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps For Android And iOS

Are you interested in getting popular on Instagram? Boosting your Instagram follower count is the first and most obvious thing you should do. The following list includes some of the best free Instagram followers apps that can assist you in quickly gaining free followers for your Instagram account.

1. Iconosquare

Instagram Followers Apps

While Iconosquare is a social media management app, it can be used to handle all of your social media accounts, not just Instagram. You can access detailed data through this app that can help you track important measures like response rates, follower growth, and post reach. Based on social proof alone, you can trust Iconosquare. Since it came out in 2011, big brands like Netflix, Patagonia, and Vogue have used the app to help their Instagram growth plans.

2. Social Scan

Instagram Followers Apps

Social Scan can be a good pick if you’re looking for a useful app to manage and monitor your Instagram account effectively. One of the best alternatives to find the best free Instagram followers apps is this one. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and is loaded with features. Use it to see the current users, followers, and unfollowers following your account. You can see the number of likes, comments, posts, friends, and more on this one of the best social media apps on one screen. It’s a useful app that only takes up a little space on your phone. Free of charge, Social Scan is fully compatible with iOS devices.

3. InsTrack

Instagram Followers Apps

Get free friends on Instagram This is smart and simple to use immediately. It offers in-depth statistics about your Instagram account, such as the overall number of follows and unfollowers, likes, and comments, as well as users. Its main function is to help you get Instagram friends, but it also lets you switch between different accounts.

4. Follower Analyzer

Instagram Followers Apps

Track Instagram Followers is the next app on our list of the best free Instagram followers apps. In-depth information about your Instagram account can be accessed through this beautiful app. Followers, unfollowers, blocking and unblocking followers, and keeping track of new and lost followers are all included in the basic version. You can also check who has recently blocked you and who you have blocked. It also gives you access to important account statistics, such as the total number of posts, likes, comments, photos, videos, and other things on your Instagram account.

5. Crowdfire

Instagram Followers Apps

This is the next app on our list of the best and most free Instagram followers app for Android. You can get free Instagram followers with this app. It also helps users interact with each other more and lets you know about popular posts and hashtags. Discover information about your new followers, unfollowers, people you recently followed, idle users, and more. Crowdfire is full of useful tools that work great with your Instagram account.

6. Followers+ Followers Analytics for Instagram

Instagram Followers Apps

Well, “Followers+ Followers Analytics for Instagram” is the next best Instagram followers app on our list. You can use it on both Android and iOS, and it comes with advanced tracking tools. Use it to manage multiple Instagram accounts, check the total number of friends, and see the likes and comments. The number of posts, comments, photos, and videos on your account are also provided, which is helpful. This app can be used instead of Instagram if the “Instagram Not Working” error appears. To add insult to injury, it also provides you with specific information about your followers gained/lost, views on a new story, users ignoring you, new profile stalkers, and followers who don’t follow you back.

7. Followers and Unfollowers

Instagram Followers Apps

To add vivid colors to your Instagram account, choose the best app to buy followers. Use it to follow new people and unfollow people who you are already following. With 4.6/5 user ratings, the app has a sizable download number. You can get useful details about your Instagram account and follower and unfollower data with this one of the most beautiful and best social media apps. To grow your account follower count, use this free tool. Some of its most important features are “don’t follow me back,” “I follow,” “mutual followers,” “follow back,” “recent unknown followers,” and “mass unfollow.” Android 4.0 smartphones are compatible with it.

8. Insights+ IG Follower Reports

Instagram Followers Apps

This intelligent tool to get free Instagram followers right away is next on our list. It’s an all-in-one tool for iOS users that offers useful account statistics. This one of the best social media apps is a helpful tool if you need specific information about the number of followers, follower unfollowers, followers you are not following, likes and comments on your posts, and followers who have unfollowed you.

9. Followers Insight for Instagram

It has a lot of users and a great grade of 4.5/5, so this tool should be on our list. It’s free, and the app does everything you need. A set of additional tools are available in its paid form. The app shows how popular you are in the media. Also, you can keep track of your friends, unfollowers, and follower counts. It tells you about the hashtags you used in the post. You can even track how popular posts are that tag you.

10. Followers Track for Instagram

This is the next great app on our list of the best free Instagram followers apps. Check account information if possible. Someone who followed you, someone who unfollowed you, your fans who you’re not following, and a lot more. The free app has a simple design that makes it easy to use. You can’t use this tool to control how much you use Instagram, though. You will need to purchase its update pack, though, if you want to use additional features like information about removed comments or blocked Instagram friends.

11. Followmeter on Instagram

This beautiful app, which has a fantastic and simple design, is next on our list. You can easily manage your account and learn useful things from it. One of the best social media apps is free to use, but you can get access to the “Discover Section” if you pay for it.

12. Viewer and Analyzer on Instagram

You can keep an eye on the Instagram account and make your social network better with Viewer and Analyzer. It’s a simple tool that gives useful statistics. You can quickly track who followed you and who stopped following you. You can monitor your account and posts’ success using the app. It tells you when to post to increase your reach. You can even keep track of how many people looked at it. Multiple languages are compatible with the app.

13. Unfollowers & Followers for Instagram

Monitor your Instagram account with the help of this smart tracker tool. Additionally, it helps to increase follower interaction and gives helpful information about who recently followed you and who unfollowed you. You can also check your new fans, non-followers, and deleted followers using it. Get this app for Instagram fans right now for your Android.

14. Organic Followers For Instagram

The next free app on our list is called Organic Followers, and it makes Instagram followers. This app from DikaSoft helps you find and describe your ideal audience based on your niche or field on Instagram (or other top social media apps). Using popular hashtags or keywords related to your niche can help you quickly grow the reach of your fans and likers. You can also use this app as one of the Best Instagram Alternatives. Another great thing about this app that most users like is that it lets you find fans who will follow you back.

15. Followers Gallery

There are a lot of fake Instagram followers and likes out there, but Followers Gallery makes sure you don’t have to. This is one of the best free Instagram followers apps, and for good reason. To begin, this Instagram follower app can get you real, live followers and likes, just like any good one. Also, you can get coins by liking or following users and their posts. This Instagram follower works for both iOS and Android and is truly amazing. It’s free, and you should try it.

16. Real Followers & Likes for Instagram

Real Followers and Likes for Instagram is the next great app on our list. You can get all the information you need to grow your account from this app. The best thing about this app is that it was recently changed, so the design and process are better. You can choose from different areas or groups and add them to your account.

17. Fast Followers & Likes

Are you interested in getting popular on Instagram? After that, Fast Followers and likes with AI is the best option. This Instagram follower app says it can provide the simplest way to manage an Instagram page or gain real followers. Many different lines in the app will make your shots more interesting. This app is free to use. It’s very easy to use because the design is simple and clear. Due to personal views, statistics will ease more quickly. It gets more well-known as more people follow its Instagram pages.


Where Can I Get Followers On Instagram?

To buy Instagram followers, there are countless alternatives. The best follower app for Instagram users has been listed to ease your search. Read through the list, weigh the pros or cons of each app, and pick the best one to boost your Instagram follower count.

What Is The Price Of Buying Instagram Followers?

For both free and paid options, there are several ways to get Instagram followers. To get an idea of the best app to get set friends for free, read the guide above. The best free Instagram followers apps will help you gain followers on Instagram.

Does It Work To Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram’s system works well with growth that happens on its own. However, some apps can help you get more Instagram likes and increase your contact rate. Refer to the article to learn about the best Instagram follower app and the special Instagram follower increase websites.

Buy Instagram Followers: Is It Safe?

Some of the best free Instagram followers apps might need to be safer. Some of the best free Instagram followers apps seek personal data in exchange for more Instagram followers. However, this is no longer the case because the article gives a thorough list of the best Instagram followers apps. Please read them carefully and then download the one that meets your needs.

On Instagram, How Do I Get 10,000 Followers?

Many scams say they can help you get 10,000 Instagram followers quickly. To get the best and most long-lasting results, you should avoid falling for these scams and instead try more general methods like regularly sharing quality content and using the best free Instagram followers apps provided above.

Is It Safe To Use Free Instagram Followers Apps?

Yes, all of the safe Instagram follower apps are easy to use if you use a follower app from a reliable source, like the ones provided above.

How Can I Increase My Real Followers?

To get more real Instagram fans, you should post content that people want to see. Besides that, you should keep your users interested by posting various types of content daily, like videos, photos, IGTVs, and more. Hold their attention. You can also seek assistance from the best Instagram followers apps provided above for ease.

Is It Possible To Gain 1,000 Instagram Followers?

With the aid of a reliable best Instagram followers app, you can, in fact, quickly gain 1,000 followers on Instagram. To provide you with the necessary fans is the main goal of these tools. To obtain the intended friends, use any of the alternatives as appropriate.

How Do I Get 10,000 Instagram Followers?

The best Instagram followers app is the best way to get 10,000 people to follow you on Instagram. Such best free Instagram followers apps are quite reliable and let you get the necessary followers to the Instagram users with ease.

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Final Thoughts:

These are some of the best free Instagram followers apps. Pick one to boost your social network and increase your following quickly. Each app mentioned above provides a simple yet effective way to get quick likes, comments, and followers on Instagram. Pick one, link it to the Instagram account, and you’re ready.

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