9 Best Hair Color Apps Free You Need To Try

Did you ever want to change the color of your hair but didn’t want to go to the hairdresser because you were afraid you wouldn’t be happy with the result? It’s easier to know how a new hair color will look on you if you try it, and changing your hair color can be a big decision. Thank goodness there are hair color apps that let you try on different colors online before you decide on a new look. We’ll explore the best hair color apps in this piece so you can try out different colors and find your perfect shade.

9 Best Hair Color Apps Free You Need To Try

You can see how you would look with different hair colors using a hair color app, a virtual try on tool for hair. To give you a true idea of how the hair color would look on you, these hair color apps use virtual reality technology to superimpose a new hair color onto a photo of yourself. Some hair color apps also let you do other things, like try on different hairstyles or change the lighting to see how the color looks in different places. Should you choose to change your hair color, these hair color apps can help you do it. But which hair color app should I choose? If you need help, we’ll tell you about the most famous ones.

1. Hair Colour Booth App

Hair Color Apps

This could be better, but if you have lighter hair, you should give it a try. You can only color your hair purple, red, and blue for free. To get access to more colors, you’ll have to pay. You must carefully color your hair from a photo using this hair color app. It’s easy to do, and the results are good if you only want to test dark spots or dipped ends.

2. YouCam Makeup

Hair Color Apps

It has over 150 hair color options and accurate recognition, making it the best hair color-changing picture app on the market. Any color you choose can be added to your current pictures or taken with your phone’s camera using the app’s realistic hair dye tool. For getting the perfect hairdo, YouCam Makeup is the best AI haircut model. It has 17 different AI hairstyles that you can try on. They have everything, from long and smooth to short and curls. You can easily find the style that looks best on you because each is completely different and made to look good on a different face shape.

3. Facetune

Hair Color Apps

In its most recent version, Facetune has gained hair and editing tools. You can try out different hair colors in your selfies with this hair color app. It also has makeup brushes that let you change your hair and makeup. With this hair color app, you can do more than add color. To make it look unique, you can paint glitter lines and add other things that are only you. With all of its flexible features, it will be easy to match your hair and makeup.

4. Hair Color Changer

Hair Color Apps

The Hair Color Changer app only lets you try on different hair colors. It doesn’t have any other features, like hairstyles or makeup. The process of trying out different hair colors with this app is easy. Take a photo, draw a line through your hair, choose your favorite color, and try on a few different red hair colors. You can blur your picture, change the brush size for certain parts of your hair, make it smoother, comb it, and undo or redo any changes you make with the app’s editing tools. You can also show off your new look on social media and ask your friends what they think.

5. MakeupPlus

Try on different hair colors, styles, and makeup before you do them with MakeupPlus. Anyone can find their perfect hair color on the app, and once they do, they can take a picture of themselves and take it to the stylist immediately. Put another way, it’s meant to help you make your idea come true with your hair. It also has makeup tools and lessons to help you achieve your best looks off camera.

6. Hairstyle Try-On

Fifty different hair color options, ranging from soft tones to bright ones, are available in Hairstyle Try On (iOS Only). You can try each color with 36 different styles to see how they look with your old or new style. You can learn about hairstyles and how to care for your hair with this hair color app so your hair stays beautiful even when you’re not taking pictures.

7. Style My Hair

Users can explore a huge selection of hair colors with L’OrĂ©al’s “Style My Hair” app. Uploading a photo to the app will allow you to see how different hair colors will look on you quickly. You can try different hair colors in live-camera mode. This hair color app also gives you unique suggestions based on your skin tone, hair type, and natural hair color to get the perfect look!

8. Fabby Look

The strongest and most daring hair colors are available from Fabby Look. Fabby Look has every color of the rainbow, like Platinum, Purple, Pink, Green, Magenta, Orange, and Red, for when you want to try something new but avoid risking your real hair. You can try ten different hairstyles for each color to help you decide if you’re ready to let your wild side out.

9. Fotor

Fotor is an online photo editor with many AI photo editing tools, such as background removal, picture cropper, and more. Additionally, it has a hair color changer that can find your hair in a photo and let you try on various hair colors. The Fotor hair color changing app does more than change hair color. For instance, if you type “make it red hair,” our tool will determine how the screen is set up and change the hair to red. It’s really helpful.

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This post was about hair color apps and shared the best ones to change hair color. The hair color changing apps can help you choose the best hair color by showing you what you’d look like with black or light hair. We hope you find this article about hair color apps useful.

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