5 Reasons To Purchase A Panerai Luminor Marina

I have great news for those of you who are a fan of luxury watches but have not found a sporty luxury watch because think these luxury watches only appeal to classic styles. You must have heard of the Panerai brand, but you may not have been aware that a sporty wristwatch is among the most popular models of this brand. The watch model I want to talk about is sporty but at the same time quite a luxurious watch model, which is on sale under the name Luminor.

The foundation of the Panerai brand dates back to 1860. It was first known for producing large case watches in Italy. Although the production of large cased watches continues today, smaller and more complicated watches are also produced. Limited production is made. Panerai Luminor , the best-known series, is tritium-based paint is used instead of radium-based paint in the series. The crown has been added to the current version and the quality of the materials has been increased.

Panerai Luminor series was first produced, the important thing was that it was waterproof. Aesthetic concerns were ignored. It was important to be able to withstand difficult conditions. For a long time, mechanisms of other brands, especially Rolex, were used. Later produced its own mechanism.

The production site of Panerai was later moved to Switzerland and nowadays it mainly produces luxury sports wristwatches. Apart from sports wristwatches, there are also classic watch models. Panerai is a brand with a wide range of models. Panerai Luminor series is an elegant and stylish series that can be worn in business meetings.

By visiting the Entropia store, where many original and luxury watches such as Luminor are sold, you can buy this watch model and much more without any doubt that it is original.


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