Top 11 Best Free Measurement Apps For Android & iOS

Are you going to get new items or fix up your house? You must first wait and measure it to find out what fits and doesn’t in that area. Now, before you rush to get that measuring tape, then find it (after much trouble) from some hidden corner, and then do the math to calculate the exact dimensions (and waste a lot of time in the process), you should check out the best free measurement apps. Yes, the use of actual measurement tools is largely obsolete. In this digital age, some very accurate free measurement apps make it easy and quick to measure rooms. You only need a room measuring app if you want to find the exact area measurements without doing math or work by hand. Would you like to learn more about these free measurement apps? In the following part, we’ll list them and their top features.

Top 11 Best Free Measurement Apps For Android & iOS

The best free measurement apps for Android and iOS are listed below.

1. AR Ruler App

Free Measurement Apps

Now available for Android and iOS devices, it is one of the best free room measurement apps. With the help of AR Ruler App Measure, which works well, you can measure up to whole plots of land. In addition, this app has the following useful features, which is why it’s a great piece of software for measuring various places.


  • When using the GPS mode, an option lets you find the distance between two locations.
  • The picture can be saved to the camera roll and give it a title.
  • It is easy to calculate the size of uneven plots and make adjustments to the edges.
  • You need to choose the area on the map you want to measure and then place pins around the perimeter to obtain the measurement.

2. Measure

Free Measurement Apps

Measure by Google is the next app on this list of free measurement apps. Whatever is nearby can be measured in length, width, and area with this app. The top features that make Measure one of the best free room measurement apps are listed below.


  • Surface recognition by itself.
  • Reading-taking tips that are easy to understand.
  • It is easy to switch between metric and English numbers.
  • Take the size of a common item, like a door, mat, floor, table, etc.
  • Finding out how tall something is that is on a flat surface.

3. GPS Fields Area Measure

Free Measurement Apps

For Android and iOS, here is one of the best free room measuring apps. You can use GPS Fields Area Measure to measure even whole plots of land accurately. This app is also great for measuring different areas because of additional useful features.


  • Please choose the area you want to measure on the map and put pins on its edges to obtain the measurement.
  • It is easy to change the edges and figure out the area of even plots that aren’t perfectly round.
  • The option is to add a title to the picture and save it to the photo roll.
  • Using the GPS mode, there is an option to calculate the distance between two places.

4. Measure on App Store

Free Measurement Apps

The Apple iOS app Measure is also a room measurement tool like the Google app. You can easily measure rectangular objects with Measure by Apple and share those measurements with friends through texts, emails, and other channels. The most notable features of Measure by Apple are listed below in addition to the preceding.


  • Drawing lines and figuring out lengths in both the vertical and horizontal planes.
  • For the measurement of big objects, use horizontal and vertical lines.
  • From the ground up to the top of their head, hair, or hat, a person’s instant height measurement.
  • Picture-based measurement saving from a single episode.

5. RoomScan

Free Measurement Apps

It’s the best app for measuring things on both Android and iOS. RoomScan can be used to make floor plans and measure all rooms properly. You only need to point the app at the floor to get its measurements. Take a look at some of RoomScan’s great features below.


  • Put the device against the wall you want to measure to get a reading.
  • Creating a 3D model lets you change the height and add windows and doors.
  • All projects can be saved on the app and sent as a picture, DXF file, or PDF.
  • An easy-to-use design that is clean and smooth.

6. Google Maps

If you think Google Maps only tells you how to get there, you might be shocked to learn that it can also be used as a free app to measure distance. To calculate an area’s parameters and distance, you can move along the path on the map. Additionally, the following features make Google Maps a great free app for measuring.


  • Simple to use.
  • High correctness of results.
  • App in real life.

7. Ruler

On this list of the best free measurement apps for Android and iOS, we’d like to talk about Ruler. The two guidelines in the Ruler app make it easy to draw straight lines. Another reason we think Ruler is one of the best free measuring apps is because of the following features.


  • Automatically adjusts the Ruler and shows exact lines.
  • A measurement tool driven by AI is now available.
  • It is simple to switch from centimeters to inches as a unit of measurement.

8. Angle Meter 360

Have you ever considered using your phone for measuring angles? Well, Angle Meter 360 makes it possible to do this seemingly hard job. We learned about it because of how easy it is to use. Besides that, Angle Meter 360 has the following features that we find most appealing.


  • Tools that are easy to use to measure angles.
  • Options to move and change the size of the item.
  • Instruments that change color make measurements easy and exact.

9. Smart Measure

Smart Measure is one of the best free measurement apps for determining an object’s distance and height. With the help of AR, it gives you the most exact measurements. Smart Measure is the best free measuring app, and we’ll share some of its features.


  • Works with old cell phones.
  • A small and resource-friendly app.
  • Simple measurement of height and distance.

10. Moasure

Now, let’s look at Moasure. It’s also one of the best measuring apps on iPhone and Android. This app can be used to measure anything, from angle to area. The top features of Moasure that caught our attention are shared below.


  • A goniometer, a protractor, a 300-foot-to-1000-foot tape measure, and a ruler are what you get.
  • The design is simple and easy to use.
  • You can find a lot of video guides that will help you use the app.
  • A lot of measurement choices are available from Moasure.


PLNAR is the next app on this list of the best iPhone measuring apps. The app uses AR to help you make 3D models of rooms. PLNAR is also one of the best free room measurement apps because of the following features.


  • The measurement of the area, the perimeter, and the total area.
  • Making the 3D CAD file for the room.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

The best free measurement apps for rooms, other places, and objects were talked about in this article. You can pick an app from the list above depending on your needs. Please share any better room measurement apps in the comments so we can review them. Comment below if you want to share your thoughts on this article.

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