GoSURFBE34 Is The Best Gosakto Promo15 Days.

GoSurf can understand the customer’s needs and wants. That’s why he always launch new and best promos for their customers. But here we are going to discuss a great data promo called GOSURFBE34. GOSURFBE34 is the best and affordable data promo from GoSurf. It can offer you 20MB mobile internet data for 15 days in just only 34 Pesos. It is a special type of promo. That cannot be used for downloading or video streaming. You can’t use GOSURFBE34 to watch YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. This special type of promo can be used for trickly use. You can use GOSURFBE34 with GoSakto tricks.

Now lets us take an example. If you can subscribe for any GoSakto promo for 7 days. But use would not use all the data of this GoSakto promo. And wants to extend the data for your remaining data. Then you can use the GOSURFBE34 promo. You can also subscribe GOSURFBE34 promo.

It can provide you more than 15 days to use your remaining data. And also it can give you 20MB for searching. It means GOSURFBE34 is a special case GoSakto promo. That you can use to extend your promo expiry date. It is very helpful for any user. Because other promos can only give data no time. But if you use any other GoSakto promo with GOSURFBE34. You can get maximum data and large valid days.

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GOSURFBE34 Promo Description

  • 20MB Mobile Data
  • Valid for 15 Days
  • Requires only 34 PHP Load

How To Register For GOSURFBE34?

GOSURFBE34 is the best promo for tricky use. It can provide you 15 days more for data usage in just 34 Pesos. But the process to subscribe for GOSURFBE34 is the same as other promos. You just need to send text ‘GOSURFBE34’ to 8080. And then wait for the confirmation message. After a couple of seconds, you would receive a message from Globe. That can clearly tell you about the successful activation of GOSURFBE34. But sometimes this SMS would be changed because of any error. So, don’t panic. Just do the same work again.

Note: GOSURFBE34 promo is only available for Globe subscribers.

How To Check Status Of GOSURFBE34?

If you want to check the status of GOSURFBE34. Then you need to send a specific keyword to 8080. But there are two keywords that can be used for GOSURFBE34 status. 

  1. You can send ‘GoSurf Status’ to 8080. And wait for a confirmation message. This SMS can tell you details about GoSurf Promo.
  2. Text ‘GoSakto Status’ to 8080.  And hold on until you receive a message from Globe. Check this message to check the status of the promo. 

How To Stop GOSURFBE34 Promo?

You can above see the easy and the only method to subscribe to the GOSURFBE34 promo. Now, I want to tell you the process of stop GOSURFBE34 is as same. You just need to send ‘GoSurf Stop’ to 8080. And wait until you can receive a confirmation SMS. 

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Who Can Avail GOSURFBE34 Promo?

All the Globe GoSakto offer is only availed for Globe prepaid customers. If you are a TM subscriber you can use any Globe GoSakto promo. GOSURFBE34 is also a Globe GoSakto promo. So, it is only available for Globe GoSakto Subscribers.

How To Extend GOSURFBE34?

There are three methods is used to extend Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 expiring date. I explain all the methods to extend this date. I hope all these methods can help you to enjoy your favorite promo for a long period of time.

  1. Start with an example for better understanding. Suppose you subscribe to Globe GOTSCOMBODD90. And their expiring date is close. But some data of your Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 promo is still unused. You want to save it. So, you need to resubscribe to the same offer before expiration. You can do it by reloading 90 then register for the same promo. Your remaining data will be added to your new promo subscription.
  2. GOSURFBE34 is a tricky promo that is used to extend mobile data expiration to 15 days. But, you cannot use this promo data for video Streaming. It can only provide 20MB of data in 34 Pesos. But this promo is subscribed only to extend the date of previous promo data. You can only subscribe to this promo when you need to use your previous promo mobile data. If you want to register for GOSURFBE34. Then send the ‘GOSURFBE34’ keyword to 8080.
  3. GOTSCOMBOGBF121 is also a tricky promo. It can be used to extend the mobile data expiration date for 30 days. You can extend your expiration date for 30 days in just 121 Pesos. You can register for GOTSCOMBOGBF121 by texting GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080.

Is There A Maintaining Balance Needed To Avail Of Go Promos?

The answer is no. There is no maintaining balance need for Go promo. You can avail of any Go promo as long as you have only enough load.

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Promo Addons

If you want to use more data than your select promo. You can buy more data with the help of promo Addons. These Addons promos can give you a very good amount of mobile data at a low price. You can enjoy these Addons promo data for browsing, streaming videos, and playing games. But the number of Addons promos is very high. That’s why I give you the two best Addons promos. Which can give you mobile data in budget price. You just need to subscribe to these promos. And don’t need to waste your important time for searching others.

  1. GOTSCOMBOKEA37 is the best Addons promo. It can provide you 1GB of mobile data in just 37 Pesos. Just text the ‘GOTSCOMBOKEA37’ keyword to 8080 to subscribe to this promo.
  2. As you know every person has a different use of mobile data. Some people use data for browsing. Some use video streaming and some of them use it for gaming. That’s why GOWATCH29 is the best promo for video streaming. You can subscribe to it to watch videos from YouTube or Netflix. It can provide you 2GB of mobile data for GoWatch apps in just 29 Pesos. Text ‘GOWATCH29’ to 8080 to register for this amazing promo. 


I hope you will understand what is GOSURFBE34 and how to register it. I provide you possible two methods to register for GOSURFBE34. By following the above method you can easily subscribe to GOSURFBE34. And also you can easily unsubscribe from the GOSURFBE34. I believe my article about GOSURFBE34 is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this GOSURFBE34 topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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