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How To Share Encrypted Files Safely And Easily

You’ve probably heard horror stories about companies and people losing a lot of money because of security lapses on the Internet. The goal of cybercriminals is to find and exploit any weakness in a system. So, Let’s learn about to share encrypted files Safely And Easily.

There is always a security risk when transferring large amounts of data digitally, which is why modern enterprises must do it frequently. Many businesses, however, fail to see the implications of the Internet’s vulnerability until it is too late.

Numbers show that as of the middle of 2019, more than 4 billion records had been compromise as a result of data breaches. Thus, businesses have regulations like the PCI Data Security Standard and HIPAA to follow in order to ensure the safety of their customers’ personal information.

Why send files through a secure channel?

Picture this: your client is hundreds of miles away yet desperately needs to see your results right away. You should transition to digital methods now. What if the file is too big or too crucial to deliver via regular mail?

Can you explain how you’ll keep this information secret?

One method of doing this is via making use of online file-sharing platforms.

The benefits include:

Size is not the issue

Images, videos, music, papers, presentations, spreadsheets, etc., number in the thousands and millions in most companies. Some of these documents may be quite sizable, making email delivery an undesirable option.

Generally speaking, the size of a file is not an issue with today’s file-sharing platforms. Files of many gigabytes in size can be transmit without issue. You have the option of using either their free or premium version, with the free version possibly being limit in storage space while the premium version is not.

Security blanket

The prevalence of cybercrime has made protecting sensitive information paramount. As a result, share encrypted files options are available to safeguard intellectual property, trade secrets, marketing plans, highly confidential data, financial data, etc.

By encrypting your files in transit and using sophisticate password protection between parties, they lessen the possibility of a data breach. Further protection for mobile devices is possible through authentication and authorisation.

Track record

Using a file-sharing service also allows you to record pertinent information about your transfers, such as the time they were sent, to whom they were sent, the size of the file, whether or not they were successfully sent, etc.

File-sharing programs facilitate data auditing for teams operating across time zones. Every member of the team having access to the file-sharing service has access to all of the documents that have been upload to it in real time.

Faster transmission

Using a safe file-sharing service makes the transfer of data predictable and speedy. Various media files, including as photos, films, and music, of any size can be easily transfer between users. These files may be sent to coworkers or clients much more swiftly.

The consequence is a higher output per unit of time and fewer mistakes. Therefore, you will have more time to focus on other duties.

Let’s have a look at the many options for secure file-sharing amongst friends and family.

How To Share Encrypted Files Safely And Easily

1. Sync

share encrypted files

While there are many excellent options for cloud storage, we recommend Sync because of its many features and low price. In a market where domestic heavyweights like Google and Apple are increasingly challeng by international competitors, it provides frictionless, encrypt, and secure cloud-base file sharing.

To keep teams protect, organize, and in constant communication, Sync provides a cloud-base platform for file storage and document sharing. It unites workers, teams, and data to improve workplace safety. By streamlining communication and facilitating collaboration across devices and locations, Sync helps teams make the most of their time together.

Data is replicate across various SOC-2 (Service Organizational Control 2) certified data centers, servers use RAID storage and automatic failover, and 99.09% SLA (Service Level Agreements) guarantee that your data is always safeguard, making the Sync platform one of the most redundant and secure.

Sync’s built-in compliance with data residency rules in multiple countries ensures it is safe to use anywhere your business does business. These jurisdictions include the United States, the European Union/United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Canada.

  • With end-to-end encryption, all parties can work together and exchange information safely without worrying about unauthorize access.
  • To ensure that any file, from any device, may be restore at any time, it is important to have a real-time data backup system in place.
  • Document viewing, editing, and sharing may be done with minimal effort in almost any desktop or mobile application.

Over two million users trust Sync to safely back up their files and data in highly-reliable data centers across the world. By eliminating the requirement for a centralize server or other external data storage and retrieval mechanism, Sync provides a more secure and reliable means of doing so. The prices are extremely low and hard for competing services to match. A free account can be made with 5 GB of space. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

2. OnionShare

OnionShare, accessible via the Tor network, is among the best options for anonymous and secure file sharing. It is a free and open-source software that creates “onion” addresses that users of the Tor Browser can then visit to gain access to the information they have upload.

By using OnionShare, as oppose to services like Google Drive or email, you are not giving the company access to your files. As long as the anonymous web URL is kept private, only you and the intend recipient will be able to access the file. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

3. Lufi

share encrypted files

With Lufi, storing and sharing files is as simple as dragging and dropping. The Lufi instance encrypts data prior to transfer to the server. Therefore, the server administrator can only see the file’s name, size, and type (video, audio, text, etc.) and not the content of the files itself. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

Using this hosting platform, you can share files without having to sign up beforehand. However, your IP address is record for security and legal reasons whenever you share a file.

4. KeyBase

KeyBase is consider to be one of the safest online messaging and file-sharing platforms currently accessible. The files you send are encrypt from beginning to end, guaranteeing that they reach their destination safely. Thanks to public-key cryptography, your communications are secure; not even the server administrator will be able to listen in. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

Businesses and households alike can feel safe using this platform. Additionally, you can link with communities such as Reddit, Twitter, etc. All major platforms are cater to, including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

5. Datash

share encrypted files

Using a web browser and Datash, you may send and receive files and texts between two devices. Neither registration nor authentication are prerequisites for using the interface. All files transfer via Datash are protect by end-to-end encryption with a 1024-bit public or private key. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

Before sending information, Datash encrypts it using the recipient’s public key. It ensures the files get where they need to go. With regards to file transfer:

  • Please go to and tell your recipient to do the same.
  • Put in some text or choose the files you want to send out.
  • A recipient ID will be generate on the recipient’s device; you will need to enter this.
  • Click the “send securely” button to begin sending the files.

6. Tresorit

Tresorit is a cutting-edge, open-source service for exchanging digital data. You may feel safe sending anything, including sensitive documents.

Tresorit gives you the option of managing share files more closely. The following are some of the advantages of using the safe and reliable file-sharing platform:

  • Complete encryption
  • Swiss Secrecy
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Evidence from audits
  • Password security
  • Cutting ties
  • EU-base server infrastructure

7. SafeNote

share encrypted files

If you need a secure method of sending oversize temporary files, SafeNote is your best bet. It’s a free service that facilitates secure data sharing by emphasizing user privacy, ease of use, and anonymity.

After your files have been download, you can remove the upload and the associate shareable link. You can also set a date after which the files will be delete without further intervention from you. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

After a file has been download, it automatically deletes itself, but not before providing the sender with a secure link to the file.

8. FilePizza

FilePizza is a free and open-source platform for transferring large files over the Internet using protocols like WebTorrent and WebRTC. It’s easy to use and doesn’t necessitate uploading files to remote sites. Instead, it makes use of browser-base P2P file sharing.

The speed, privacy, and safety of FilePizza are outstanding. Using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, no third-party servers are involve. Unlike some other apps, this one does not limit the overall amount of upload files. Thus, large files can be sent to a single or multiple recipients.

To start sharing a file, simply open its official website and drag the file you want to share. After that, a link will appear that you may send to the recipient so they can download the file directly from your computer. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.


share encrypted files is an excellent WebTorrent-base tool for sharing files. An internet torrent client, it eliminates the requirement for a separate program to carry out torrent downloads.

It works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and is free and open-source. Its code is open source and can be found on GitHub.

If you want to start transferring files, you can do so by dragging and dropping or by choosing them from your device. Because of its simplicity and lack of sign-up steps, is accessible to anybody. In addition, it allows for the streaming of many media types.

You may download files in ZIP format, track your torrent’s upload and download speeds, and upload and download files of any size. A torrent’s metadata hash or magnet link can be include in a URL, making it easy to share with others. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

10. ToffeeShare

ToffeeShare is a direct link between the sender and the receiver, making it a safer and faster option than other file-sharing services. Sending files of any size (within the limits of your browser or device) is an appealing feature of this platform.

ToffeeShare uses cutting-edge, industry-standard procedures for data protection to protect the privacy and security of your files. As of now, it uses DTLS 1.3, and your data will remain end-to-end encrypt, making it unreadable to anybody but you and the intend recipient.

After it has been distribute, the data is delete from all online storage systems. There is no central server or middleman use; instead, communication is handle directly between users. As a result, nothing bad can happen to any of your information.

11. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the most widely used file-sharing platforms because it does not need users to sign up for an account. It is widely use because of how easy it is to use and share files with others.

You can choose the files you want to transmit and enter the email addresses of both the sender and the receiver. Any facts or instructions you wish to convey to the recipient can be tailore to their specific needs and circumstances. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.

12. DocSend

When it comes to safe and reliable file transfer, DocSend has you cover. In addition to companies like Ericsson, Gusto, BuzzFeed, and many more, over 12,000 businesses worldwide rely on this system.

The platform makes it easy to store, organize, and access files. Files can be secure with a variety of methods, including email verification and passcodes. Moreover, if you like, you can block its ability to regain ownership of documents.

For official company matters, you can make advantage of their electronic signature functionality. It is  one of the best way to share encrypted files.


When it comes to professional, personal, and social endeavors, using a safe file-sharing service is a must. The information can be access by anybody with a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet. So, start sharing files with your colleagues or customers by selecting a reliable service.

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