What Is Video Conversion? & Why Would I Need To Convert My Videos?

Video Conversation:

The video conversion is such a program that is used in computers to change the storage format of any digital video. In this process video conversion simply changes the container format of videos without changing the video format of videos. By using Video conversion we can convert any video into audio also.

All video formats are universal across all devices because some videos are too large and these videos need to be changed to play on different devices and some of them have very poor quality so these videos need to be changed by using video conversion to improve their quality.

The main purpose of video conversion is after converting video format it reduces the size of video so videos can be stored on different devices and we can easily share them from one device to another device. The video conversion is useful software because it enables you to edit and make any change in the format of your video,

so you can make any change in your video according to your need and get satisfactory results after converting your videos. And don’t be scared about the quality of the video because if you use a good video converter you can make a better quality of the video than the original. This is a good option for that user who prefers quick and easy working   

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There are many advantages of video conversion, a few of them are given below.

  • Video conversion reduces the size of the video and because of this, it can be shared easily.
  • The video conversion is also useful because after converting the format of the video quality of the video files is guaranteed which is pretty good because of this after converting any video its color and quality do not lose and it becomes clear.
  • Video conversion software provides you an easy and very quick way to convert the format of videos and make them suitable for your needs. 
  • Because video conversion products become perfect in quality. 
  • Because of video conversion sharing becomes easy. 
  • We can use this software when we install it because its working is easily understandable.
  • The video conversion is user-friendly software.
  • If we use Video conversion to change the format of videos we can save our money. 
  • By using video conversion software we can edit our video and get satisfaction by getting a good quality of the result.


Some video conversion is not as good as others have some disadvantages as well some of them are given below:

  • The quality of the video will depend on the level of technology that is used in video converters for converting and editing videos. If we use a low type of video converter and less technology in the conversion process then it will affect the quality and clarity of our videos.
  • If we use more technology in the process of conversion of video format the quality of videos becomes better than the original.
  • Some video converters also have some limitations like subtitles and poor quality of resolution which are not supported by poor quality video converters.
  • This is also a drawback of video converters that if the quality of the video which you want to change should have a better quality that you desire to get in result, otherwise it will affect the color and quality of your video very badly after conversion. 
  • Some video converts do not allow devices like smartphones to make changes in the format of videos and edit them and Mostly people use their mobiles to watch videos because this is more suitable and accessible for them. That’s why for users who use phones this is a disadvantage that they cannot edit and change their videos on their smartphones. 

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The video conversion is a process of video conversion from one format to another format. And this process of conversion is called transcoding. Because of transcoding, there is a big disadvantage after converting the format of video that videos lose their quality of resolution. 

 Features of Video Converter:

There are different options and features of video converters that suit your level of ability and make your work more effective. Some of them are given below. 

  • Video converter has a feature of universal video format which is useful because this can be watched by everyone on different devices. We can also convert video formats by using mobile devices so we can also change the format of videos on our smartphones.
  • Video converter has a feature of video editing which is useful to edit videos and to enhance the quality, performance, and appearance of the video. We can also make some changes and additions to your video.
  • The Video Converter is software that has multiple features that enable you to make adjustments and additions to your video. Video converters provide a professional look in your videos and make your work more impressive and useful. 
  • All the guidance is given which makes your work easy to do and understand.
  • Video converter is good editing software and provides you many features to make a better quality of your video after converting their format.
  • The video converter also has a feature of profile editing which is useful This feature is for professional users and is created to help you manually choose the characteristics that you want for the video and this feature is useful for perfectional.

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   Why Would I Need To Convert My Videos?

  • There are many reasons to use video conversion like for changing the format of your videos and for editing also especially in our technological world some other reasons for using videos conversion are given below: 
  • An important purpose of video conversion is to make some changes in their format to play these videos on particular devices. The video conversion is also needed to reduce the size of the video to make easy sharing and storage.
  • I need video conversion for watching videos on all devices. Some videos cannot be played and sported by our smartphones like iPad, Android phone, tablets, and iPhone, etc. These devices cannot handle the quality, resolution, size, and codes of some videos that’s why I need video conversion for editing my videos.
  • I need video conversion to save videos from social media. By using video conversion it becomes easy for me to download videos at any time.
  • I need video conversion to change the size of the video and as well as screen size. I can change video and audio quality, frame rate, and bit rate by using a video converter.
  • The video conversion is essential for me to do easy formatting and editing of my videos.
  • I need video conversion to convert animated GIFs into videos.  
  • I can also use an online video converter and this is the best option also because in this there is no need for installing any software. I simply go to the website and easily convert, edit and change my videos online.
  • I need video conversion because by using online video converters I can do my work at any place very easily.

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In this article, I write about video conversion. The video conversion is a process of converting videos from one format to another for a strong backup and clarity in videos. In this article, I describe video conversion advantages and disadvantages. I write about video converter features.

In this article, I explained why it’s useful and essential to use video converters for changing the format of our video and to reduce the size of the file. To improve the quality of videos we need video conversion. It is a user-friendly software that enables us to download any video from social media and we can also animated GIFs in videos which is a trend today.

The video conversion is the best option for you if you want to do easy and quick formatting and editing in your videos.


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